Happee Birthdae Harry Potter

To celebrate this very special day of birth, in the land of his birth, here is the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (or, Philosopher's Stone, here in England), Shakespeare Birthplace Trust style. click the link to listen: The Boy Who Lived Cast (in order of appearance): Dr. Darren Freebury-Jones, Dr. Anjna Chouhan, Lisa Peters, … Continue reading Happee Birthdae Harry Potter

‘Study Abroad’? More Like ‘Holiday Abroad’

While yes this internship can be like a holiday (aka vacation for those who don't speak British), what I really mean is there are holidays abroad. Holidays will vary semester to semester, but everybody will get some holiday abroad. We had three holidays, and since there are conveniently three of us, we're each going to … Continue reading ‘Study Abroad’? More Like ‘Holiday Abroad’

Where to Eat in Stratford

With all the food options in Stratford, it can be overwhelming to know where the best places to eat are. Here is a comprehensive guide created by Grace Lester to help you get started (though this will probably not make any sense until you're in Stratford). **This is from the perspective of a vegetarian/vegan** *There … Continue reading Where to Eat in Stratford

England 101

When it comes to describing America vs. England, I think the jock from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure said it best: "Everything is different but the same... things are more moderner than before... bigger and yet smaller... it's computers... San Dimas High School football rules!” To help you keep track of what is different but the same, … Continue reading England 101

Access and Environmental Consciousness at the Trust

One of the first things I found myself amazed with at the Trust is the level of consciousness regarding the inclusion of people with a variety of needs and care for the environment. The Trust has taken great steps to make Shakespeare accessible to everyone. Some of these steps are hearing loops systems included, free … Continue reading Access and Environmental Consciousness at the Trust

How to Get to the London England Temple the Easy Way

If you want to have a temple trip while you're here, then this is the post for you. First of all, check if the Warwick Branch is going to have a temple trip while you're here. Trust us, it's easier to go with them if that's possible. But if you're like us and that isn't … Continue reading How to Get to the London England Temple the Easy Way

Read One Intro, Get Two Free

(Left to right: Maren, Grace, Amelia) GRACE LESTER What is your Meyer-Briggs personality type? INFP What book are you currently reading? I am currently reading A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, of which the first fourteen pages have been quite good. What is your favourite movie? Say Anything. What is your favourite colour? … Continue reading Read One Intro, Get Two Free