Spring/Summer 2019 (Current)

Marketing Intern: Shelley Bushman


Hello, all! I’m Shelley and I hail from the great state of Kansas, a la The Wizard of Oz. (There were 18 tornadoes in my area on Tuesday. Seriously.) I just graduated from BYU with a degree in Experience, Design and Management. When not analyzing SBT communications, you’ll find me perusing Stratford’s charity shops or adding too much clotted cream to a crumpet. I have been campaigning to find a way to dress as a Tudor for a day, so if you could make that happen, my desk is above the gift shop.

Digital Intern: Abby Clayton


I grew up in the outskirts of Washington D.C., thoroughly developing what has become a geeky love of museums and libraries. I have been studying English at BYU for the past three years, and yet I still can’t decide what my favorite book is. Probably a Victorian novel if it came down to it. If I’m not getting lost in the maze of the Shakespeare Centre’s staircases, or trying to come up with punny tweets, I am off exploring new places, going to shows, and reading. 

Collections Intern: Kimber Shepard


Hello, I am Kimber! I have LOVED being in Stratford and at the SBT. I was born and raised in the exotic land of Utah, USA. I partially grew up in a suburb and on a cattle ranch. I used to want to grow up to become a cowgirl; and, while I still wouldn’t mind that (I enjoy riding horses), my goal now is to be a professor of British Literature. I am the first married BYU intern to frequent the Trust.  If you find me (and my husband) anywhere, it would most likely be at the rugby field, movie theater, or at home playing board/card games.

Learning Intern: Katey Workman


I’m an ukulele playing, American Colonial History enthusiast, whose fondest memories include a mingling of summer nights in the Michigan country, beach sunrises in Hawaii, and many long hours spent at Hogwarts. I’m a Hufflepuff, thanks for asking. Do I love sports? Yes. All. Favorite Shakespeare play? The Winter’s Tale (no, I’m not joking!)  I’m delighted to be working as the education and learning intern this summer before returning to study English Literature and Human Development at BYU.