How to Get to the London England Temple the Easy Way

If you want to have a temple trip while you’re here, then this is the post for you.

First of all, check if the Warwick Branch is going to have a temple trip while you’re here. Trust us, it’s easier to go with them if that’s possible.

But if you’re like us and that isn’t an option, there is an easy way and a hard way to get to the temple. We took the hard way. Here’s how to take the easy way.

Step 1: Take the first train from Stratford-upon-Avon to London (probably Marylebone because that’s usually the only option). Don’t try taking a bus from Stratford to Leamington or Warwick because “it will save us three pounds and get us there earlier.” It’s not worth it. It will not get you there earlier. Instead, check for the earliest Stratford train (approximately 8 am) and just take that. *Pro tip* buy your train tickets in advance because that will save you actual money. *Extra pro tip* Check out this blog post for information on railcards to save you some more actual money: Travel Tip #1: Buy a Railcard!


(If this is not your morning view, you’re doing something wrong)

Step 2: Take the train from Marylebone to Lingfield. You’ll probably have to switch trains, but it will be infinitely better than your other options. And worst case scenario, take a train from Marylebone to Victoria and then to Lingfield. But don’t you dare exit Marylebone, walk to the Baker Street Tube Station, take the Tube to London Bridge, take a train to Hurst Green, and then be forced to be pay for a taxi because the bus only runs at 6:37 pm. Just don’t do it.

Step 3: You might still have to take a taxi from Lingfield to the temple, so plan ahead and bring cash. But this taxi ride will be within the range of £7 rather than a billion pounds like from Hurst Green.



(Us completing Step 4 with flying colours. Remember, all the travel is TOTALLY WORTH IT)

Step 5: Enjoy the complimentary WiFi and drinking fountain at the visitors’ centre.


(Maren thoroughly enjoying the drinking fountain. This is a rare sight in England, so make sure you’re taking full advantage. #America)

Step 6: If you have a UK phone plan, call the Lingfield taxi number you look up with your visitors’ centre WiFi. If you don’t have a phone plan, use the WiFi to book a taxi online. Look up “Lingfield taxis,” and at least one of those sites will let you book online. Just make sure you put in the right temple address, which we have provided for you since we’re helping you avoid the hard way: W Park Rd, Newchapel, Lingfield RH7 6HW.

Step 7: Take a train from Lingfield to Marylebone. Or just take any train back to the main part of London if you have plans in London for the rest of your day (if you do, you obviously chose the fun way of getting to the temple).

Step 8: Take a train from London (probably Marylebone) to Stratford. Depending on when you’re leaving, you may have to take a train to Leamington Spa and from there to Stratford. Just make sure you know there’s a way back to Stratford, especially if you’re leaving at night. *Pro tip* Buy a round trip ticket when you buy your tickets in advance. This will definitely save you legitimate money.

Step 9: Arrive in Stratford happy and spiritually refreshed. And physically refreshed since there are drinking fountains at the temple.

The end.

With lots of love,

Maren and Amelia

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